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Welcome to myMGI Planet

For a $55 a month membership 

All members will receive:

  • Our retention products at no additional cost. This includes:
  • 1. Wellness Benefits (*) (100% pd by myMGI Planet)
  • 2.  A burial bonus program
  • 3. A retirement bonus program
  • A personalized website and back office support to manage their business. 
  • All members will receive training on all MGI Planet products and services. 
  • All members will receive commission on sales of all myMGI Planet products and services. 
  • Once a year, all members will receive a bonus, based on a share of the net profits of myMGI Planet’s globally owned companies in December before Christmas. 

1.  Preventative Services (Wellness Plan)

[as required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Plan B]    This plan is NOT subject to pre-existing limitations or exclusions.)


        Healthiestyou -

        24x7 Access to Doctors

        When you get sick, our doctors are standing by 24x7         waiting to help you. They can diagnose, treat, and         often prescribe for an array of medical issues.

        CVS Caremark Rx Plan 

        WellCard Rx - Prescription Discount Plan

2.  Burial Bonus Program.

myMGI Planet’s Burial Bonus program was established to guarantee your family will not have to suffer the financial stress on top of the emotional toll that burying a loved one comes with. 

myMGI Planet members will accrue $2,000 with each year of membership (maximum of $10,000). The system is designed to set aside these funds into a separate trust account and each member will designate a benefactor to receive these funds upon death to cover the cost of funeral arrangements.

3. Retirement Bonus Program Earnings Chart  (See Brochure link for full details)


***Create your WILL - Coming Soon!  

Protect your Family and your Assets, don't get stuck in probate and your loved ones have to fight for your wishes. Make a simple WILL.  Available for all 50 states. Attorneys and Estate planning experts are behind every choice made. In depth legal research based on the specific laws of each state. Upgrades available for more personalized, detailed requirements Online format, answer the questionnaire, ready to print in no time!

Products & Services

You will be able to create and help yourself and others generate an income off of usages for products and services used everyday like: (Phase 1)

  • Energy
  • Internet Service (National Access)
  • Long Distance/ Wireless Service
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Water Generator (H20 Liquid Air, Inc.)
  • Health Supplements (Life Zone)
  • Software
  • Web Browser
  • Fan Z Pants
  • Special Technology Products
  • myMGI Planet Merchandise
  • Other Products will be announced soon

Simply join as a member and enjoy all the products and services or if you'd like to build a business, teach your members how to duplicate your efforts to 12 others and you’re on your way to qualify for bonuses!  

myMGI Planet will be with you every step of the way. We will provide a personal web based program with tools to develop, manage, and operate your business with greater ease. Back office support will provide customer service. Training programs on all products and services will also be provided allowing you to focus, be completely prepared, and confident in your ability to grow and expand your business.


More Products & Services ....


  • Website hosting
  • Discount Shopping
  • Real Estate Networks
  • Gas Savings
  • Food Savings
  • Insurance Services
  • Mortgage Services
  • Moving Assistance
  • Dining al la carte
  • Car Rental discounts
  • Family fun discount
  • Discount Travel Service
  • Chiropractor
  • Medical supplies & equipment
  • Hearing Aid
  • Legal Services
  • Magazines & bargain books
  • Flower & Gift Baskets
  • Travel Agency Services
  • RV/Motorcycle Rentals & Purchasing
  • Office Equipment & Supplies
  • Car buying & Rental assistance
  • Amusement Park Discount Program
  • Hotel & Motel Savings up to 50%
  • Personal Planner
  • National moving and relocation service
  • Key Guard - Lost Key protection
  • Grocery Coupons
  • Worldwide Medical Evacuation & Travel Assistance
  • Helicopter Rescue Program
  • National Golf Club
  • Fitness, Health Supplies & Equipment
  • 24 HR Roadside Assistance
  • Childcare Services
  • Pet Savings Program
  • Emergency cash advance service
  • Shopping club - over 250k products
  •   and much more!

To get started, Contact Registered Member: 

Sandra LaTour  (417) 501-5427 Cell/VM/Text

Call or Text "MGI" for more information

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Sandra LaTour #100275

*See MyMGI Planet Application link above.

*This is only a small overview, please contact me for more details.