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Spruce View Tiny Home RV's


Spruce View Tiny Homes
a Canadian Manufacturer

What is YOUR living style?

There are so many options to having your Tiny Home RV built by a custom manufacturer, without the heavy price tag.  You can also reap the benefits of the dollar exchange and get more bang for your buck!  

Select your length and basic build and ask for your Spec Check List.  Once you have your financing or pre-qualification set, we will schedule a call with our in-house Designer and give you that one-on-one attention to lay out your floorplan with all your wishes and amenities.

We have starter floorplans, with a 20' - 40' length trailer and a width of 8'6", and you can build from there.  

Stay tuned for daily updates as we add more options!

Sandy Horton

Factory Direct Rep

(417) 501-5427